French Cuisine

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THE SEA _____


Yellowtail and Spider Crab Marinated in Lemon Zest and Bergamot,

Tomalley Ice Cream and Sauce, Thyme Leaves, Raw Spring Vegetables and Herbs

Flame-Grilled Leer Fish in Tribute to Victor Petit,

Rocket Leaves, Smoked Anchovies, Glazed Pineapple Tomatoes and Black Crimean Tomatoes, Skipjack Velours with Wine Vinegar and Wild Myrtle

Langoustines with Chestnut Honey,

And Rosemary from the Massif des Maures,
Small Tart of Zucchini Blossoms, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Sautéed Almonds

Scarlet Prawns, Slightly Cooked
And Seared with a Hint of Grapefruit,
Roasted and Lightly Charred Broccolettis, Citrus Basil and Natural Aloe Vera, Hassaku Orange Supreme and Olive Oil Infused with Grilled Prawn Heads

Spiny Lobster from Cap Lardier Caught by our Fisherman Eric

Legs Ravioli, Royal with Heads’ Coral, Peas and Beans Chicks, Roma Bouillon Infused with Verbena, Finished with Lobster Oil

Saint-Pierre Cooked in Abalone from Thau Lagoon

Baby Leeks, Charlotte potatoes and Furio Red Onions from the Village of Grimaud

Turbot Roasted in a Mill of Trets Butter with Hazelnut and Yuzu

Cushion of Greens et Chards from the County of Nice, Flamed Gamberoni, Some Wild Sorrel Shoots Picked by our Botanist Bodo

Sea Bass Filet and Cheek Cooked in Vine Shoot Embers

Simple Nage of Local Vine-Ripened Tomatoes,
Roses of Yann Ménard’s Courgettes Scented with Alpille Oregano

Scorpion Fish from the Rocky Faults with Aïgo-Sau Bouillon

Liver Toast, Celery Fondant with Iodised and Fermented Winter Condiments

THE LAND _____


Harmony of Various Local Vine-Ripened Tomatoes Tomatoes,

First Service:

Black Crimean Sorbet and Trets Double Cream with Lambruscum,

Quintessence of Plum Tomatoes A La Minute,
Petals of Pineapple Tomatoes and Warm French Toast with Caramel

Second Service:

Thin Tart and Tatin of Roma Tomatoes Baked in the Baker’s Oven
Seasonal Wild Flower, Dressing Enhanced with Limono Medica and Marjoram Crio of Chilled Tomato Water to Finish and Sublimate

Zitone Pasta, “A Tribute To a Chef Who Taught Me So Much”

As a Starter, Pasta Delicately Filled with Black Truffle and Foie Gras, Purple Artichokes in Three Textures, Enhanced by Basil

Zitone Pasta Again, this Time with Succculent Trets Chicken Breast,

For Two or More to Share…
First Service:

Either Slow-Cooked and Basted in a Bladder

Or Roasted in Natural Fat

Second Service:

Thigh Meatball, Oyster, Wing and Slice of Breast,
A Truffle and Roasted Bone Consommé, Infused Like a Tea

Young Rabbit with Absinthe and Bacon

Fennel Fronds and Bulbs Three Ways, Mi-confit Plum Tomatoes with Star Anise, Black Olives Infused with Anise, Bold Salmis Jus, Nebbiolo Vinegar

Veal as We Love It in Provence, in Two Services, 120€First Service: Carqueiranne Sweetbreads and Kidneys, Caper Pearls,

Cœur de Pigeon Tomatoes, Potatoes with Juice and Sage

Second Service:

Green Olives Hock Claudette Style,
Tête De Veau from My Childhood Memories

Lamb from Sisteron Mountain Pastures, in Two Services

First Service: Baron and Lamb Chop in Savoury,

Argan Oil-infused Jus, an Elegant Vegetable Medley

Second Service:

Trotters, Tripe and Shank Braised for 24-Hours, Glazed Little Casseroles of root vegetables

Full-bodied Jus Served with Garlic Flower Foam


CHEESE _____

My Favourite Local Cheeses

Lovingly Made by Our Local Cheesemongers

Tome d’Arles by Catherine Fleury and Pear in Three Textures

Saffron Honey, Seasoned with Bouteillan Oil and Glazed


Guillaume Godin’s Interpretation of My Sweet Dreams


Feuille à Feuille of Fruits Rouges

Lychee Chiboust, Succulent Frozen Nougat Ice Cream with Grasse Rose and Caramelised Almonds, Fruit Water Essence, Released Slowly over 24-Hours

Blend of Rhubarb and Apple Fruit

The Whole Revived with Lemon Caviar and Buddha’s Hand, a Juice Centrifuged A La Minute

A Story about Apricot, Almond and Wild Thyme

The Ephemeral of a Hot Soufflé, Almond Ice-Cream, A Juice Centrifuged A La Minute

A Personal Symphony of Grand Cru Chocolate,

Four Harmonies Proposed:
“Tout Chocolat”, Bitter Cacao and Oven Roasted Cacao Nibs
Raspberries Picked at Peak Ripeness, Refreshed with Bergamot
Soft, Silky Brazilian Arabica Coffee, Mousse and Gelée with a Hint of Sweetness “Casette” and Hazelnuts Delicately Paired with Provençal Citrus

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